VW Transporter

The iconic VW Transporter T5 and T6 campervans form the bulk of Vangear conversions. Over the years our full range of campervan pods have been fitted into the Transporter.

Our Vangear Nano, Kombi, XS, Maxi and systems are a universal fit into the T5/6. They have been bolted to the 
floor of the Transporter in all imaginable positions 


VW T5 / T6 Kombi / Shuttle

Our units have a floor mounting slot and can be bolted to the floor of your camper and in the VW Kombi / Shuttle you can combine our floor mounting slot, our J-clips and the factory seat slots to mount your pod.

Our Pods are a universal fit 
Our units have a floor mounting slot and can be bolted to the floor of your camper
Vangear Mini-Pod (right)
Height 650 mm
Width 610 mm
Depth 310 mm

Vangear Nano (left)

Depth  310 mm
Width  610 mm
Height 650 mm


Kombi 3

The Kombi is 720mm wide and 375mm deep and can be mounted behind one of the front seats
or to the side of the van.

The Vangear Kombi 3 has a single burner CAN hob and sink.


Vangear XS

The Maxi XS is cleverly designed to be exceptionally versatile, at only 800mm x 375mm yet it still packs the
full features of a double burner campervan unit. The Maxi XS can also form the front kitchenette unit of our modular system.

At only 800mm wide and 375mm deep, its clever compact design is ideal for people needing to optimise space in compact vans from Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota or for the VW T5/T6 vans with the 3/4 rock and roll bed fitted (1120mm). With thoughtful and functional design details we have upgraded the table rail and added a mini table for that sleek high end factory look. There is a new colour coded counter-top in Grey with options for black or wood effect. The Maxi XS can easily be bought here online or give us a call and we will dispatch to your house (see delivery details below). Our units are fully assembled with the plumbing installed, just leaving you a easily install into your van using our floor mounting slots.


Vangear Modular Systems

The new Vangear Modular System will keep the same Maxi front kitchen pod and the rear units will be replaced with our new rear pod and cooler stand.

  • More accessible storage and access

  • Lower open storage for sleeping bags

  • New rear pod has adjustable legs to alter the height of the pod to suit your camper set up.

  • The new rear pod has an adjustable rear shelf section to alter the depth of the pod to suit your camper set up.

  • Suitable for both the right and left side of the van

At 2100mm long, this system is suitable for vans such as the VW T5/T6, Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito LWB, Renault Trafic etc

Overall Dimensions:


Length = 2100mm

Depth = 410mm

Adjustable height on the rear pod = 1000mm - 1300mm

20210630_114755_0000 (1).png