Welcome to Vangear-UK​ and our new updated website using Shopify. Team Vangear designs all Vangear campervan pods, we manufacture all our pods here in the UK and sell direct to our UK customers.

Our Vangear pods are designed to fit a universal fit into a number of campervans, starting with the Volkswagen Transporter T5 T6 T6.1 - Volkswagen Caravelle, California Beach and Multivan - Renault Trafic and Vivaro- Citroen Dispatch-Spacetourer, Peugeot traveller, Vauxhall/Opel - Mercedes Vito and V class- and more (see our web pages) We have a campervan pod for a variety of setups, from  the ever popular miniature kitchen Mini-Pod and Nano-Pods though the larger Fridge-Pod and down the side of the camper Modular-Systems..Team Vangear designs and manufactures all of our campervan kitchen furniture, all of our products can be purchased here and we delivery to your home. Team Vangear also offers campervans for sale and conversions. Search us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest (links at bottom of page) Google for testimonials and our many happy customers (see our about us page) 

Compact Stove based Campervan Kitchen pods

Team Vangear has a range of compact kitchen pods from the slimline Nano-Pod to the Mini-Pod. In essence they are an entire campervan kitchen in a miniature package, Features include, a sink with a cordless tap, self-contained plumbing, a stove, a table/door and storage. They come fully assembled and ready to go, just add a stove..

About Compact Stove based Campervan Kitchen
Vangear Maxi-Pod Campervan Kitchen (Black) - Vangear UK

Built-in hob combination campervan kitchen pod

Full feature pods with either single or double burner hobs and combination sinks, they have self-contained plumping and are ready to plug & go. From the Kombi-Pod though the X-Pod and Maxi-Pod. Floor mounting slots for universal fitment (Fixing bolts included) or fitment to a sliding seat rail systems with our Vangear anchor cleats. They are fully assembled and ready to fit, just add gas.

About Built-in hob combination campervan kitchen pod

Fridge based Vangear campervan kitchen pods

Vangear has a range of campervan pods with fridges starting with the CRX-Pod which uses a stove and moving on to pods with double burner hobs like the 39L Fridge-Pod and 50L Fridge-Pod

About Fridge based Vangear campervan kitchen pods

Modular campervan furniture

To form a down the side of the van modular furniture you start with one of our front kitchen pods and add our Rear-Pod to form the system.

About Modular campervan furniture

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Volkswagen California, Caravelle

We have fitting options for the Volkswagen California Beach, Caravelle and Multivan. Floor mounting slots in the base of our pods and fitment to a sliding seat rail systems with our Vangear anchor cleats ie VW Caravelle, California, Multivan) Options for VW cleats/anchors and many other vans on our shop page.

About Volkswagen - California Beach - Caravelle - Multivan

Volkswagen Transporter T5 T6 T6.1

The iconic VW Transporter T5 , T6, T6.1 campervans form the bulk of Vangear conversions. Over the years our full range of campervan pods have been fitted into the Transporter.Our Vangear pods and systems are a universal fit into the T5/T6 and have been installed in all imaginable positions. 

About Volkswagen Transporter Camper

Ford Transit Custom Camper

We have a number of options for the UK's best selling van

About Ford Transit Custom page

Mercedes V-class, Vito, Marco Polo

With the introduction of the new Vito and V-Class, Mercedes have upped their game with its interior now matching a Mercedes saloon. All of our pods can fit into the Mercedes range, it all just depends on your needs and set up!

About Mercedes Vito - V class - Camper

Citroen Peugeot Toyota Opel

Vangear options for the Traveller/Spacetourer/Proace Verso range

Our Pods are a universal fit Our units have a floor mounting slot and can be bolted to the floor of your camper.

​We also have a range of anchor/cleats for floor rail systems

About Citroen - Peugeot - Toyota - Vauxhall

Watch our video about the Nano-Pod

Watch our video about the Mini-Pod

Watch our video about the Vangear modular system