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IN STOCK - Kombi 3 grey/black
Kombi 3 grey with black top - next day dispatch
Our base Nano is designed to fit into the smallest gap.
Limited Edition Nano
Designed to fit into the smallest gap. Includes an aluminium table rail and mini table (200mm x 500mm).
The Hybrid splits in half so that the top kitchen module can be used outside. Includes a mini clip-on table (200mm x 500mm)
Kombi 3
Medium-sized campervan pod with built-in single burner hob and sink.
Maxi XS
The XS slimline campervan pod with a double burner.
XS  Campervan System
Our slimline campervan system
Our full size campervan pod
Maxi Modular Campervan System
Our Maxi Modular system is ideal for the VW T5-T6
Easy fit VW cleats/anchors
Add cleats for the VW floor rail system.
VW cleats/anchors
Cleats for the VW floor rail system.
J-clips - VW Shuttle/Kombi/Mercedes crew van etc
Fitting Plate
Add a universal fixing plate to make your pod removable.
Table to fit  units
Add a full size table to your uint.
12v socket
Add a 12v socket to your unit.
Carry handle hole
Add a carry handle hole
Cooler Stand
Upgrade from 5 to 10 litres
Upgrade Nano or Kombi 3 water and waste bottles to 10 litres
Storage Nano
Wheel Arch
Mini table and rail
Mini clip-on table and rail
Buddy Seat
Buddy seat for Porta Potti 335
Siesta Bed
Our bed for crew vans

Welcome to vangear

High quality build and innovative features- Stylish design and practical- Fully assembled campervan unit, ready to go in a good value package- Universal fitment into many camper vans VW, T4, T5, T6, Vito, Transit etc- Fitment to sliding seat rail systems with our vangear anchor cleat ie VW Caravelle, California, Multivan- Light weight with integrated systems- Reduced fitting times, simple to fit- A kitchen unit which can form part of a innovative modular system with wheel arch and top units- Spares and technical back up- Option for LHD (Europe)