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VW - California Beach - Caravelle - Mulitvan

The iconic VW California is still the king of the mountain. Our Vangear Nano and Kombi range of campervan pods are ideal for the VW California Beach, Caravelle and Multivan. 

The Nano and Kombi campervan pods have a floor mounting slot, which combined with the anchor/cleats, are perfect for use with the VW floor/rail system. 

Vangear Limited Edition Nano
               Our Limited Edition Nano (below) can be fitted behind one of the front seats, allowing the 2 seat and 3 seat rear bench to fold out. 

Vangear Nano
Designed to fit in the smallest gap. The Nano unit is of high quality, stylish, easy to fit and remove.Fully assembled and ready to go.

Our Limited Edition Nano is 610mm x 310mm (shown above and in the video below) is ideal for the VW California and includes a clip on table.

Our Nano range has a fresh new stylish look and can easily be bought here online, we will then build and dispatch to your home (see details below). Our units are fully assembled with the plumbing installed, just leaving you a easy install into your van using our floor mounting slots.

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                   The Nano's floor mounting slots line up with the VW floor rail system.

The Nano (310mm x 610mm) can be mounted with cleats onto the rail system in a T6 or T5.

                                                                                         Vangear Kombi Campervan Pod


 Kombi 3
Designed as a miniaturised campervan pod. The Kombi unit is of high quality, it is stylish, easy to fit and remove. The Kombi 3 with a single burner CAN hob and a tambour door is ideal for fitting behind one of the front seats.


Fitted behind the front seats of a VW Caravelle, our Vangear Kombi 3 campervan pod with its floor mounting slot which runs left to right allows the pod to be mounted onto a VW rail system. In this case pushed fully to the left leaving space between front seats.


                                                    Click here to find out more about the Kombi 3  


2 Seater Rear Bench

For use with the VW 2 seat rock and roll bed, our Kombi 3 and Maxi XS pods are only 375mm deep and can be fitted north/south next to the 2 seater. We have options for a cut out on the Maxi XS so that it misses the VW Beach cupholder.




Our Maxi XS can be fitted to the left side of the Beach with the 2-seat roll and roll bed ( Beach option needed)

At only 375mm deep x 800mm wide

Anchor cleat

All of our units have fitting/mounting slots in the floor of the unit. When combined with our anchor cleats or t-bar cleats, the idea is to make the fitting as easy as possible.


The Vangear cleat is designed to slide into the Vw rail system and is ideal for quick and easy fitting and removal of your Vangear pod.

VW floor rails
Combining the VW floor rails and the mounting slots in the base of a Vangear unit allow for adjustment and easy fitting/removing of the unit. The supplied 12v plug (cigarette plug) and cable can also be taken out though the hole in the base.


Size (deep x wide)



310 x 610 mm

Camping stove

Kombi 1

390 x 720 mm

Camping stove

Kombi 2

390 x 720  mm

CAN FL1323

Single burner

Kombi 3

375 x 720 mm

CAN FL1323

Single burner

Maxi XS

375 x 800 mm


Double burner


420 x 1000 mm


Double burner

XS system

375 x 1900mm


Double burner

Modular system (cooler)

420 x 2010mm


Double burner

Dometic tcx14

Modular system (front loading fridge)

420 x 2010mm


Doubler burner

Vitrifrigo C39i