VW- Caravelle -California Beach-VW rail system

Our units are designed to be a universal fit but this page is intended to be a fitting resource for VW t5 and t6 vans with the factory rail system.ie Volkswagen Caravelle-California Beach-Multivan etc.
 All of our units have fitting/mounting slots in the floor of the unit. When combined with our anchor cleats either/and mounting plate, the idea is to make the fitting as easy as possible.

Anchor cleat

 The Vangear cleat is designed to slide into the Vw rail system and to be held in place with the two small set screws. Can be used on their own or with our mounting plate. 

Mounting slots
Mounting slots( base of pod shown ) allowi for adjustment and with our new hole at the end of the slot to allow the allen key bolt to remain in place on fitting/removing of the unit. The 12v plug can also be taken out though the hole. 

T bar type cleats

We now also have the T-bar type of cleat.

Mounting plate
Can be used with our cleats or fixed directly to the floor (new holes can be drilled) 
Optional floor mounting plate for easier  removal of the unit with just allen key bolts.
  • Easier fitting
  • Easier removal of the unit

Vangear Nano

The Nano (300mm x 600mm) mounted with cleats onto the rail system in a T6.


Vangear Kombi
Designed as a miniaturized campervan pod. The Kombi unit is of high quality, stylish, easy to fit and remove. The Kombi 1 has a built in sink and a door which doubles as a table. The first version utilises a generic camping stove ie Campingaz Bistro 2 (as photo, stove not included), with the advantage of not needing a built in gas supply and gas bottle.Fully assembled and ready to go. This unit is ideal for EU country's (not UK) where this unit can be used to change a vans tax class to a campervan. The 2nd version of the Kombi, has a built in CAN hob and the Kombi 3 has a tambour door.

Vangear Mini

The Mini (470mm x 600mm) mounted with cleats and a mounting plate. The Mini should work with the 3 seat VW seat bench and many rock and roll beds but not the 2 seat (California bed)as it is longer folded down.Please check dimensions as models vary.

 Maxi XS ( extra small )
A slimline version of our Maxi for fitment with the VW California 2-seat rock & roll bed (Maxi XS 375mm deep)

Optional cut out (to rear of unit) for the VW California Beach ( 2 seat rock and roll bed) cut out to miss cup holders

Our Maxi XS can be fitted to the left side of the Beach with the 2-seat roll and roll bed ( Beach option needed)

The will sit 855mm from the LH cup holder and miss the front seat swivel 

At only 375mm deep x 855mm wide

Modular system XS (extra small) 
Using the above Maxi XS as the front unit we can make a XS modular system, at only 380mm deep it can be used with the VW California rock and rock bed (normally on the left hand side of the van)

Optional cutout for the VW California Beach ( 2 seat rock and roll bed) cut out to miss cup holder​​​​​​​s​​​​​​​

More information and diagrams soon