Volkswagen Caddy



Our Vangear Nano-Pod has a practical design that offers a campervan kitchen with a sink, a cordless tap, storage and a door that turns into a large table with room for a camping stove. This unit is compact, lightweight, takes up minimal space, and is easily removable from the van.


The size makes it ideal for compact vans such as the VW Caddy. 

The compact Nano-pod is only

  • 310mm deep  610mm wide  725mm high  

  • Table size = 570mm x 450mm




The compact Mini-pod is only

390mm deep  530mm wide  685mm high   Weight =18kg (Grey 15kg Black 18kg)

It comes fully assembled with the self-contained plumbing, sink, cordless tap and plumbing all included.

This pod can be bolted onto the floor of a Caddy panel van or you can secure the pod to a section of our Unwin rail to make it removable.

In the Caddy Life the pod can also be attached to the seat brackets with our J-bolts