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The Premium Modular Campervan System by Vangear

The premium units are our top of range campervan units, they are also our longest running range and so have benefited from years of development culminating in the 2019 Maxi front loading fridge unit below with its new table rail.These units or pods can be used on their own or with the whole system. Our modular campervan system starts with one of two Maxi pods, either the Maxi or Maxi fridge unit. The system can also be added to at a later date. This system is very easy to install with a minimum of disruption to the trim of your van. The system is delivered in 3 or 4 parts (depending on which system) which are easily bolted together and fitted to your camper van.
  • Solid quality of materials
  • Outstanding details with the use of anodised aluminium
  • Our unique molded top
  • Combine to form a high end factory, original equipment look
  • Clean, Stylish and Uncluttered but Practical.

Modular System for cooler
This system utilises the Waeco/Dometic Tropicool tcx14 or tcx21 thermoelectric cooler or Dometic compressor CoolFreeze CDF-18, a high quality and convenient removable cooler. New for the autumn 2019 we have a new anodised aluminium table rail (see video below) which gives the Maxi a new sleek contemporary look.





The Maxi Fridge unit

New for summer 2019 is a new anodised aluminium table rail which gives the Maxi a sleek contemporary look. We have redesigned the unit to fit the Vitrifrigo C39i compressor fridge and upgraded the anodised aluminium trim on the exterior for that sleek high end factory look. Watch the video below.