About Vangear


Vangear is an East Sussex based, family-run campervan pod manufacturer with an aim to bring ease and style to adventures on the road.

From humble beginnings in 2014 when Sam and a friend began exploring ways of designing sleek and practical campervan pods in a small workshop in the suburbs of Brighton.

Five years later, Ziad quit his job in London to join his dad on this venture and has never looked back.

Combining their shared love of mountains, camping and the vehicles that get you there, Sam and Ziad’s Vangear is a company you can rely on to help you on the road to adventure.

Evolution of the units

The Vangear pods came from a drive to create a versatile campervan unit that didn’t compromise on style. Out of this was born Vangear’s signatory four-corner curve and smooth finish.

Seven years on and the pods and other products have come a long way but maintained their unique design features and practicality.

We are constantly improving our products and expanding their range to bring you stylish units that maintain high standards of ease and efficient use of space.

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