Vangear Campervan Systems Ltd

The Vangear Removable Campervan Module System

We are currently developing the new Vangear Campervan/Multi-Purpose Vehicle concept. The concept uses individual removable
modules based around unwin type floor rail bolted to the chassis. Our concept moves away from the traditional full side of the van setup and towards a move flexible multi-purpose vehicle setup. The kitchenette module, the bed module and the seat modules can be removed individually or as a whole set ( watch our video), depending on what you are using your vehicle for.
This means you have a unique Campervan/Multi-Purpose Vehicle, A campervan when you are on holiday, an estate car when you are walking the dog and a van when you need to move some stuff!

The base parts of this system comprise of 
our Vangear bed module and our Vangear campervan system. By moving away from the traditional rock and roll bed this system allows for the 
removable of the bed module so the camper can be also used as a estate car when you are not on holiday.

Our R&D camper for this system was the Mercedes. 
but the bed module could also work with crew vans with folding seat eg The VW T6 Combi / Shuttle.

We are open to enquiries about this new system but for the moment these will be a special order. We are interested in working with our customers to develop this system to your individual requirements.