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Mercedes Vito Campervan
Vangear Kombi 3 

We have  W477 Vito 114 bluetec as our new project camper so more news soon. The Vito 114 with RWD is probably the most car 
like camper to drive and loads of room even in SWB form. 

Shown here fitted to a crew van using our floor mounting slot inside our units and J-clips into the crew van seat slots 

Nano pod
Vangear Maxi
watch our video about our Vangear weekender

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

With the introduction of the new V-Class, Mercedes have upped the game. Its interior now matching
a Mercedes saloon, what better place than to have a cup of tea on one of Nano pods.


Here at Vangear we eat, sleep and breathe this type of campervan pod. Our aim is to design units that
- Are the closest thing to a factory look, original equipment look
- Are fully assembled and ready to go
- Are easy and straight forward to install

Black Vangear Nano shown with a factory table unit on a extra LWB V-Class

  • Solid quality of materials
  • Outstanding detailing with the use of anodised aluminium
  • Our unique 4 rounded corners
  • 4 colour options

Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

Watch the video below from one of our customers on fitting a Nano into the Marco Polo Horizon. Thanks, Lee.

We now have attachments specially designed for the Marco Polo/V-Class rails

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Premium Modular Campervan System by Vangear used with a RIB bed 
in a Mercedes Sprinter


Size (deep x wide)



310 x 610 mm

Camping stove

Kombi 1

390 x 720 mm

Camping stove

Kombi 2

390 x 720  mm

CAN FL1323

Single burner

Kombi 3

375 x 720 mm

CAN FL1323

Single burner

Maxi XS

375 x 800 mm


Double burner

Maxi XL

410 x 950 mm


Double burner

XS system

375 x 1900mm


Double burner

Modular system (cooler)

410 x 2050mm


Double burner

Dometic tcx14