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Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)

Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)
Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)
Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)
Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)
Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)

Kombi 2 (K2 - CAN hob)

The campervan pod where the door is the table.

Product Information

The Kombi 2 (CAN hob) campervan pod/unit

Designed as a miniaturized campervan pod. The Kombi unit is of high quality, it is stylish, easy to fit and remove. The Kombi 2 has a built in hob and a door which doubles as a table. There is a built in single burner hob, the CAN FL 1324. There are 3 versions of the Kombi, the Kombi 1 utilises a Campingaz stove and the Kombi 3 has a tambour door.

Our new generation Kombi is available to order now. The Kombi can easily be bought here online or give us a call and we will then build and dispatch to your home. Our units are fully assembled with the plumbing installed, just leaving you a easy install into your van using our floor mounting slots.

Only £549 - No hidden add-ons at checkout.

  • UK delivery only £25
  • including VAT
  • International delivery (EU mainland) only £45
  • Available in Grey and Black. With door/table colour options.
  • Wrap around panels on all corners, ideal for multiple positions in van.
  • Floor mounting slots for universal fitment and  ideal for floor rail systems used with our anchor cleats (£15 pair) ie, VW California Beach, Caravelle and Multivan.
  • Of course in vans without a rail system the unit can simply be bolted to the floor.
  • Fully assembled and ready to go

Height 680 mm Width 720mm Depth 390mm 

  • Single burner hob CAN FL 1324
  • The 12v plug and cable can be passed through the hole in the floor of the unit
  • The leg is stored on the shelf with lugs
  • To open the door rotate the knob until the slot is vertical
  • To remove the door/table , open the door, push in the table clip buttons pull the door off and remove the check strap
  • The table can now be fitted to the front rail and the leg fitted
  • To refit the door make sure the table clip buttons are pushed down (looking from the top of the table) and locate the door centrally with the table clips on the floor rail as you push the bottom of the door in the table clips will click closed. Refit the check strap and close the door.
  • Anodised aluminium trim
  • Sink with auto feeding tap 
  • Water bottle with auto pump
  • Waste bottle
  • Floor mounting slots for universal fitment and fitment to a sliding seat rail systems with our Vangear anchor cleat ie VW Caravelle,California,Multivan)
  • 12v power for tap , either use the supplied 3m cable and power/cigarette adapter or  hard wire to van 
  • Light weight
  • Can be fitted next to our Waeco tcx21 cooler and cooler cradle

  • High quality build and innovative features
  • Stylish design and practical
  • Fully assembled ,ready to go in a good value package
  • Universal fitment into many camper vans Vw t4 t5 t6 Vito Transit etc
  • Fitment to sliding seat rail systems with our vangear anchor cleat ie VW Caravelle,California,Multivan
  • Reduced fitting times and easy to fit
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  • USB socket
  • Cleats for VW rail system

Our Fitment Support Guarantee

In the event of problems fitting your pod we will:
  1. Help with technical advice
  2. Help you with any fitting adaptors/ extra mounting plates
  3. In the unlikely event that the unit does not fit - A 14 day return policy

  • Designed and manufactured by Vangear in Brighton UK
  • Please allow 2 1/2 weeks for delivery. We manufacture to order, once we receive payment your order goes into a queue. When the order is complete we arrange the delivery and provide you with tracking information
  • Available with European delivery options at checkout
  • Units made to order and can be delivered in a box to your home 
  • Checkout with our secure paypal payment gateway for credit/debit cards and paypal
  • We offer a 14 day money back guarantee (excluding postage) 
  • email for our e-brochure
  • Watch our videos
  • View our units at our Brighton workshop (appointment please)
  • Call us for more information 07810592353   01273 281067


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