Vangear Campervan Systems
Compact Campervan Pods

 We have designed and developed a full range of pods to meet the rise in popularity of compact campervan pods.
Many of our customers are moving away from the traditional full length side of the van units towards 
more flexible compact pods that optimise the available space.
Our aim is to design units that:
- Are the closest thing to a factory look, original equipment look
- Are fully assembled and ready to go
- Are easy and straight forward to install 

The Vangear Nano Pod

Designed to fit in the smallest gap. The Nano unit is of high quality, stylish, easy to fit and remove.Fully assembled and ready to go.

We have the base Nano 1 and the Limited Edition Nano at only 610mm wide and 310mm deep

The Nano is a universal fit into all campervans


Our Nano can be fitted behind one of the front seats or north/south in the van


A Limited Edition Nano fitted behind a front seat, allowing the rock and roll bed to fold out.

Click here to find out more about our Limited Edition Nano

The Vangear Kombi range

Our Kombi range of campervan pods are only 720mm wide and 375mm deep (Kombi 1 390mm deep). We have the new Kombi 1 and the Kombi 3 pods.

Kombi 1

Designed as a miniaturised campervan pod. The Kombi 1 has a built-in sink and a door which doubles as a table. There is no built-in hob but it utilises a generic camping stove ie Campingaz Bistro 2 (as photo, stove not included), with the advantage of not needing a built in gas supply and gas bottle. Fully assembled and ready to go. 

We also sell many of these units to EU countries ie Spain, Germany and the Netherlands
where they can be used for campervan tax classification.

In the UK a unit like the Maxi or Maxi XS ( two burner) will be needed for campervan 
DVLA tax  classification 

Kombi 3 with a CAN hob (single burner) and tambour door

The Vangear Kombi 3 has a single burner CAN hob and sink.

The Kombi is 720mm wide and 375mm deep and can be mounted behind one of the front seats
or to the side of the van.

The Kombi is a universal fit into all campervans and can be fitted behind one of the front seats or north/south in the van.


Vangear Maxi XS

The Maxi XS is cleverly designed to be exceptionally versatile, at only 800mm x 375mm yet it still packs the
full features of a double burner campervan unit. The Maxi XS can also form the front kitchenette unit of our modular system.
With its double burner it is ideal for UK campervan DVLA tax class conversion.

Imagine it in your campervan




Size (deep x wide)



310 x 610 mm

Camping stove

Kombi 1

390 x 720 mm

Camping stove

Kombi 2

390 x 720  mm

CAN FL1323

Single burner

Kombi 3

375 x 720 mm

CAN FL1323

Single burner

Maxi XS

375 x 800 mm


Double burner


420 x 1000 mm


Double burner

XS system

375 x 1900mm


Double burner

Modular system (cooler)

420 x 2050mm


Double burner

Dometic tcx14

Modular system (front loading fridge)

420 x 2010mm


Doubler burner

Vitrifrigo C39i