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Campervans and miscellaneous for sale

Our new products and campervan pods are on our home page but here we have some of our used bits for sale, please call or email us

USED  Mercedes Vito w477 (new shape 2014 onwards) Crew van conversion kit 

Used in very good condition. call or email

Easily transform your Mercedes Vito van into a crewman / family/ work van with the following (Mercedes factory parts)
  • Mercedes factory floor mat with sound insulation and rail cut outs. (some scuff marks)
  • Rear load bay rails which bolt to the floor 
  • Bulkhead to separate the rear load bay
  • Rear shelf module for tool storage which bolts to the rear floor rails
Collection best as the bulkhead is longer than a pallet but if needed we may be able to squeeze onto a pallet.

USED Nissan NV200 campervan conversion kit  £ 2900

Used in very good condition.For the left hand side of the van. call or email

Transform your Nissan NV200 into a campervan with this Vangear module kit with the following parts:
  • "Japanese style" raised floor in Driftwood laminate with trimmed edging. Shaped  to fit the NV200 with cut outs for the floor rails and holes to line up with the loading bolts
  • Unwin Koller floor rails to form the base for the clip in seats and rock and roll bed (technical and mechanical skill is needed to fit the rails, on the nv200 the exhaust shields and fuel tank will need to be lowered. Multiple holes drilled and long bolts fitted though chassis legs)
  • Used folding factory seats with Unwin Koller quick-release clips.
  • Seat belts (technical and mechanical skill is needed to fit)
  • Vangear bed module which bolts to the floor rails. This bed module is separate from the seats and does not form part of the seat safety. The passenger safety utilises factory seats fitted to Unwin Koller quick release clips fitted to Unwin Koller floor rails.
  • Vangear modular campervan system with a Kombi 3 kitchenette pod, a wheel arch unit and a cooler unit.
Collection is best but we may be able to squeeze this onto a pallet if needed.

Our Vangear module system will transform your NV200 van into a amazing multi-purpose campervan.